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It nearly ended before it began!



So tonight a huge thanks goes out to the very kind motorist who decided that they did not want to sit in the traffic jam any longer so should undertake a three point turn without the need to look in their mirrors and to spice things up only turn on their indicators a fraction of a milli-second before pulling out! I mean i know it was an pain that you had to end your ‘hands free’ call prematurely but it is also quite a pain that you have left in my shoulder from when i hit the wall straight on after you decided that you would re-align my road positioning with your bumper!

I guess the pros are that at least in the ambulance i got a bit of a mini medical examination and told that my shoulder will swell lots and i should not to anything physical for a bit!!! The police kindly informed me that my new aero shaped frame and fork set-up with the steeper head angle do not really look best suited for road riding anymore!

Oh how thankful i am…. Tonight the DW could truly have been over in an instant before it even began or just made it a dam long paddle for one!!!!

Posted by: AF

  • 4 March 2013