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Get Pumping!

Yesterday afternoon we went out and had a great paddle in Christchurch harbour to spend some valuable time in the boat on local waters. This allowed us to tweak/faff/further prep the boat to the adventure that lays ahead.

As the sun made a welcomed appearance we managed to brave paddling without a ground sheet wrapped between us and the boat and thus really began to feel more free and one with the boat. The only big con was that we started to fill up at a ‘rapido’ rate when we hit some choppy waters. The solution was to finally fit a foot water pump that http://www.extreme-g.co.uk very kindly has supplied us with as Matt said “you WILL need to fit this!”.

Well Matt was infact very correct and today we got it pumping and squirting in the garden, tomorrow we will find out how far we can shoot canal water, so if you are on the towpaths in the morning prepare to get a good soaking as early indications are that this thing works ammmmmazinly!!!!

Posted by : AF

  • 2 March 2013